“Go Clean, Sexy You!”

Cooking on a busy schedule is hard.  Especially, if you (like me) need a recipe to make your dish yummy.  There are many cookbooks out there with quinoa burgers that are probably delicious, but require 18 ingredients and 3 hours to prepare. Who has the time or energy for that?

Go Clean, Sexy You

I’d been hunting for a cookbook with simple, quick meals when, lo and behold, I stumbled upon a gift from the Gods: “Go Clean, Sexy You!” Simple, quick, healthy, easy to prepare and deliciously satisfying meals!  EXACTLY, what I was looking for.  Yay!

What’s more amazing? I was blessed to sit down and chat with the author, a woman equally as impressive as her book, Lisa Consiglio Ryan.  She even suffered through my interrogation with grace.

When Lisa was 8, someone at a dance recital told her she was getting fat.  For her, that began both a struggle with and a profound interest in food.  Initially, she stopped eating.  Then she began restricting herself to 5 things a day.  Next she started noticing the fad “diets” – the low-fat diet, the zone diet, the south beach diet.  She tried them all.

Lisa grew up, graduated college, became a teacher.  She was sick but skinny.  All her friends came to her for nutrition and fitness advice (even if she didn’t have the healthiest relationship with food).  But, at the ripe old age of 28, she was suffering from a host of illnesses: chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc.  Despite all her attempts to be healthy, she wasn’t.

She said to herself, “I’m the go-to girl for nutrition, so let me stop what I’m doing and figure this out.  How do I heal myself?  That’s when I got certified.”

She attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and graduated in 2010. There she learned all different types of food theory from industry leaders such as Mark Hyman and Doctor Oz.  She went to heal herself (which she did!). Now she works as a health coach. She works holistically, dealing with lifestyle.  Lisa doesn’t diagnose, but helps people figure out what to buy, what to eat, what works.

Leaving her career as a school teacher, to become a different type of teacher was scary. She said “It’s hard leaving the study paycheck.  It’s scary to have to figure it out on my own; no one tells me what to do.  I feel like this is my purpose: to help people live a vibrant life, more than just healthy, but thriving.”

Chilled tomato soup

The book, “Go Clean, Sexy You!,” evolved from the encouragement of her clients.  Her clients received so many recipes they asked her to compile them into an easy go-to resource for meals.  After much editing, the book was whittled down to 4 seasonal 10 day “detoxes” – basically, clean eating for 10 days.  For those thinking “the body naturally detoxes,” you are right.  But, setting aside 10 days for healthy eating, really helps your body by giving it a mini-vacation from trying to cleanse itself of the harsher stuff: beer, pizza, ice cream, fast foods, frozen foods with unspeakable ingredients, etc.

Some tips from Lisa for staying on track for 10 days?

  • Set aside 10 days that are not overly stressful (no traveling, major work/life events, etc).
  • If you are going out with friends, eat before you go. Then you can focus on your friends, not food.
  • Going to a party? Bring a dish to share with others (and yourself).
  • Eating out? Choose your meal before leaving your house.
  • Save $ by ordering bulk, non-perishable items from the internet – Live Green or Amazon.

I did her “spring” cleanse and really enjoyed it.  I learned much about how my body reacted to certain foods.   There is no reason not to give this a try.  Even if you try it and decide it’s not for you, you have still learned something.

Plus, “Go Clean, Sexy You!” is available on Kindle for $0.99 till the end of June!!!! I know you have a $1 to spare for your health.

Or tune into WRNR Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons – for healthy tips from Lisa.

If you want to go full in, join one of her clean eating groups. For health and fitness, nutrition trumps exercise every time.  Her membership is much less expensive than joining a gym.

For us Annapolitans looking to eat outside of the kitchen, Metropolitan, Level and Preserve all serve healthy choice meals.

Want more? Hold tight for Lisa’s second book.  In the works, her next book will focus more on lifestyle.  She advocates the middle way; it’s like the 80/20 principle. Her advice to living in balance – you can’t be perfect, but you can’t have that I’ll start tomorrow mentality.

With that in mind, I encourage you to try “Go Clean, Sexy You!” today.

Stay Fit Annapolis!


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